Join us: we are building a new worldwide job platform for Circus performers!


ACircuses, especially the smaller ones, are frequently experiencing problems to find performers / acts who are able to not only satisfy but even to wow the audience – so that recommendation effects can arise which can help to ensure the existence / growth of the circus. Many of these points also apply to other employers of circus performers such as artist agencies, event agencies, shows, cruise companies, big hotels, clubs or theme parks.

BCircus performers, especially the ones from emerging countries, are frequently experiencing problems to present themselves in a way that maximises their potential to be found and recruited by employers like circuses, shows, cruise companies, big hotels, clubs or theme parks.

Benefit & Solution:

It would be great to have a worldwide platform that is connecting (potential) employers and circus performers.


Such a platform would facilitate finding and hiring performers!

How: Build a worldwide platform!


e.g. circus, varietés, ocean cruise carriers, hotels, theme parks, entertainment- / performer-agencies, etc.

Publish job offerings*

They have to pay for the listing (after a free test period)

Circus Performers

e.g. artists, performer, clowns, animal tamers, dancers, musicians, small agencies, etc.

Publish their profile, listing for free!

They have to include a mandatory video of the acts

All job listings have a fixed duration (e.g. 30 days). After this period, the respective job listing has to be published again (incl. new payment).


Users watch, rate and share the videos

The Clou: engage the consumers!

On the partner website, the videos from the performers' application profiles on can be watched (via desktop or mobile) by consumers and circus fans all around the world.

We will motivate the consumers on to share the performance videos via social networks (e.g. Facebook). Furthermore, we give the consumers the opportunity to rate the videos on a 5-point scale (using gamification elements).

The ratings will be linked to the „business platform“ Thus, potential employers get the chance to see which acts have a high acceptance in the virtual world. This predicts pretty well that the respective act will fascinate the audience in the offline world as well.

We found out that the main target group interested in circus performance videos are women / girls younger than 35.

Main technical elements of the website

  • Category system for circus acts (incl. clowns, magicians, musicians, actors, etc.)
  • Listing Flow
  • Quick Search function
  • Detailed Search function
  • Videos
  • Ratings
  • Billing (Paypal, Credit Card, etc.)
  • B2B Section (for paying employers only, e.g. pro search function)

We'll start in English, other main languages of the world are planned.

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